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A little pause in the plan

Today was planned to be our second Chemo session but results from yesterday's bloodwork has now put us on Chemo haitus. In order to have a Chemo session, all of Dad's numbers need to be steady and right now his kidney numbers are too low. So today he recieved lots and LOTS of fluids to boost those kideny numbers. We will spend the next week making sure Dad drinks waterfalls of liquids every day along with lots of eating. We will go back in a week and get bloodwork again to check the kidneys. If the kidney numbers are back up then we get back on the Chemo regimen. If the kidney numbers are still down then we will discuss the next options. We don't know what those options would be yet, but hey- doesn't matter because next week, all the kidney numbers will be back up. This is a marathon not a sprint and there will be changes in the plan as we go through. We have an amazing care team that will adapt as plans change and absolutely provide the best care every step of the way. We are feeling a little down today as we make adjustments in the plan, so drop some words of love and wisdom for Dad, and tell him to "DRINK YOUR WATER!"


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Dec 21, 2023

Hang in there, Gary! We’re lifting a glass to you!! Lots of love,

Sherry and Scott


Lauren Potts
Lauren Potts
Dec 16, 2023

Gary, sending you, your kidneys, as well as the whole fam and your amazing care team waterfalls of love and healing light 💖💦 My prayers for resilience, for flow with the unpredictable, and for getting in the best position for continued healing are with you every day. Love you, and I'm grateful for this site to tune in to your journey here. And I second the drinking game idea!


Dec 15, 2023

Oh no, so sorry to hear about the setback. We’re wishing you a not too burdensome week of hydration. Pretzels might help (as in “these pretzels are making me thirsty!”). We‘ll be drinking extra water ourselves in solidarity. -greg and kim


Dec 14, 2023

Let's make it a drinking game. Any time you see something that looks like Christmas or Hanukkah, you take a swig! ❤️


Dec 14, 2023

Thinking of you Gary and sending you healing thoughts. Please drink lots of water this week! ❤️

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